"Sue Mullinger is my personal health coach and advisor.  This angel came into my life just when I needed her most.  With my base issues of Celiac Disease and Fibromyalgia, Sue went to work to restore my health. She went over and above learning about me as a person, not just an illness.  She researched in depth all the options and different roads that were available to me on this journey.  Sue is helping me, change me. Helping me change my bad habits, helping me view the world from a place of health, giving me the tools to take proper care of myself.  She has stood by me with my one step forward, two steps back life.  Learning to be healthy and working on being healthy is hard. The world and culture calls us to do otherwise.  Besides a true depth of knowledge of the healing arts, Sue has a heart that is dedicated to her clients and I cannot express how much she has done for me. Please contact Sue Mullinger to help you start on your journey"

Carol Lofton

"I started working with Sue about 18 months ago for 9 months. Working with Sue wasn’t work it was fun. In that time she changed my life style, she taught me to read labels, and not to eat processed foods. I now eat fresh organic veggies and healthy animal protein.  I also do not eat out more than twice a week to control sugar and salt intake. 

In the 9 months I lost 30 lb., my doctor lowered my blood pressure meds and cholesterol. I have lost another 10 lb. in the last 9 months using what Sue has taught me. 

I feel great, I’m am so glad Sue has helped me to be a health happy person."

Karen Wheeler

"After recovering from a double fracture, and having to take pain and anxiety medications, my

digestive health, and health in general, were creating symptoms in my body that needed to be addressed.

I had developed eczema, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  I wanted to practice self-care through nutrition, so I contacted Sue Mullinger for guidance.  The suggestions that she made were brilliant, and have provided relief, especially with my digestion.  I can say that just a few tweaks to my diet have produced amazing results, and they are simple.  However, I wouldn't have known about them had I not been given

the guidance of an expert.  Almost all of my symptoms are gone, and I'm off of the opioid medications.

It's incredible how just a few subtle changes can make all of the difference!  I am very grateful to Sue and her ability to pinpoint the proper changes.  It's wonderful to know that if I ever have nutrition questions, I have someone to consult with confidence."

Melinda Montague

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